Cooperation with Parker Haniffin Company

The former supplier of electrostatic filters, United Air Specialists (UAS), was purchased by Parker Haniffin Company in 2018.
Our company Work 4 is pleased to have been chosen as a business and service representation company for sale and service of electrostatic filters Smog Hog in the Czech and Slovak Republics in 2019. All common spare parts for our electrostatic filters are in stock in Slovakia, therefore, in comparison to the past, the delivery time of spare parts has been significantly reduced.

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SMOG HOG® Electrostatic air filter

Comprehensive solution against oil mist, oil smoke, plasticizer vapours and emulsion nebula.

High separation performance especially of ultrafine particles smaller than <0.001mm is 96 - 99% secured by a simple, but even more efficient structure. Contaminated air is sucked in by a vibration damping fan to first reach a mechanical pre - filter which separates larger pollutant particles and ensures the even distribution of air flow.

The pre-treatment filter is followed by the so-called ionizer. In the ionizer, the remnants of the finest pollutant particles are charged positive by use of electrons and ionized molecules of air at the intervals of one second.

The air purification itself is performed in the collector. The collector consists of a series of vertical metal boards placed parallel to the stream of harmful substances. Inside the collector, the positively charged pollutants are diverted into the induction electric field in the direction of grounded boards.

The vertical position of the metal plates guarantees excellent drainage behaviour as the separated harmful substances can simply get out by the siphon. The collector plates where the sediment is caught can be cleaned and reused later.

We can do all of this for you in our modern cleaning facility.

Of course, harmful substances are disposed of environmentally.

Our filtration systems are also available in two-stage or multistage design. Filters free of the fan (XB) can be supplied for installation in ventilation systems as well.

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Main advantages of electrostatic filters SMOG HOG

  • Proven high separation performance (96 - 99%), especially for nanoparticles <0.001 mm
  • Work 4 grants a 2-year warranty on all products
  • The products are suitable for many ways of application
  • Work 4 combines cost savings and eco-friendliness
    -collector plates and ionizers can be cleaned and reused (avoiding waste)
    -lower power consumption due to significantly lower pressure losses (electricity cost savings)
    -possibility of circulation mode of purified air (saving of heating costs)
  • Design of the equipment in accordance with requirements, optimized costs and filter selection
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to the inspection door allowing easy component replacement
  • Modular construction and flexible design guarantee simple retrofitting
  • Space-saving design, filters can be assembled on machine tools or brackets
  • Multi-stage concepts are available for highly loaded exhaust air flows
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Produced in Germany and Europe

Work 4 stands on your side as a competent partner for environmental protection.

  • Everything is provided from one source.
  • Take advantage of our advice. On the ground of a detailed analysis we will provide you with a project of filtration system customized specifically for your framework conditions.
  • Our experienced service team is at your disposal for the purpose of the equipment installation, its introduction into operation, staff training and equipment maintenance.
  • The filter elements of the Smog-Hog product line can be washed and reused. Cleaning your SH filter cartridges can be done professionally upon a request according to the latest state in our washing baths, while we ensure the safe disposal of harmful substances.

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